Rethinking Education integrating Flipped Classes, ICT and OER – E-Classes project for VET teachers

Date 21th February 2019, Place: Iasi, Host partner: Liceul de Mecatronică și Automatizări,

Number of participants: 38

The main aspects of the conference included a short presentation of the Erasmus+ program (the partnership projects), an introduction to the E-CLASSES project, an extended presentation of the Flipped classroom guide (IO1), the randisciplinarity approach and its importance for the future of education and the presentation of the e-learning platform and draft examples of STEM lessons.

Each speaker had its own presentation for the event, including draft and beta examples of flipped classes videos. The promotional materials included also: flyers, short paper presentation of the Flipped Guide, personalised pens and personalised bags and folders. A roll-up has been also prepared for the event and the overall dissemination of the project.

Participants have shown great interest in the topic, especially the approach of the flipped classroom pedagogy for the digital native learners. Most of the participants found the materials useful and expressed the intention of accessing the online resources and to recommend the project and the results to other colleagues as well.

Agendă conferință


The event was well promoted in local media, including Radio România Iași.


Prezentare program Erasmus+ parteneriate strategice 2019

E-CLASSES Prezentare Generală

Flipped classroom Guide

Transdisciplinaritate – EuroEd

Open up Education – Virtual E-Classes Learning Environment for vocational education and training

Date 27th June 2019, Place: Suceava, Host partner: EuroEd Foundation

Number of participants: 56

The multiplier event organised by EuroEd took place at Teacher’s House and was addressed to teachers for primary and secondary school. 56 school teachers from Suceava county attended at the event. Speaker: Simona Hultoana, Insight Training. Guests: Valeria Leonte, School Inspectorate, Suceava, Rodica Hotin, CCD, Suceava. Agenda of the event included: the presentation and benefits of the Erasmus + programme (Rodica Ionel, EuroEd Foundation), the E-Classes project presentation (Alexandra Apetrecheoae, EuroEd Foundation) and 2 joint workshops: one on flipped classroom method held by Elza Gheorghiu and one on integrating eclasses project’s outputs into the classroom, held by Simona Hultoana, Insight Training. Feed-back and discussions together with networking have been a great opportunity to evaluate the interest of the participants and the potential use of project’s results. Participants have expressed their high level of interest in developing such new methods of teaching, especially for delivering information to young digital native learners.

Multiplier event Euroed Iasi

Profesorul+ și beneficiile proiectelor Erasmus+

E-Classes presentation EuroEd