E-classes Learning

In this project the use of the term “flipped” is associated with VET students engaging with materials online followed by in-class activities that involve peer learning or small-group work that
engages them in discussions on problem solving.

The Guideline on Flipped classroom methodology and how to create and use it at class for science and technological disciplines and transdisciplinary areas presents in a short and attractive manner the concept of the flipped classroom and the methodogy on how to flip your class.

The structure of the Guide includes 5 modules structured in 4 units. Each module includes 2 types of materials: a text support and video tutorials explaining the main concepts in the presented units.

Each module is autonomous&independent.

Module 0 Introduction to the course: 1.Context and necessity of the course 2.Learning Objectives 3.Course Structure

Module 1 The flipped methodology: 1.1 Why flip the classroom? 1.2 Basic elements and steps to flip the classroom 1.3 The creative classroom 1.4 The innovative VET teachers

Module 2 Design and development of learning contents for flipped lessons: 2.1 Planning a flipped lesson for science and technological disciplines 2.2 Architecture learning content 2.3. Design of a flipped video 2.4. Production and post-production of a video flipped

Module 3 Educational Games: 3.1. Classroom time 3.2. Types of educational games 3.3. Design of an educational game 3.4. Management of an educational game

Module 4 Assessment of knowledge: 4.1. The Debriefing and its phases 4.2. Organize a debriefing 4.3. Managing a debriefing 4.4. Other means of evaluation of knowledge

Module 5 How to approach transversal topics in your class: 5.1 Transversal topics with impact on a student’s professional development 5.2 Motivation to study 5.3.VET Orientation 5.4 Foreign languages 5.5.Inclusive education 5.6.Prevention of school dropout

The modules feature new and attractive thematic areas that are offering new resources to approach learning for VET teachers and students: creative classes, teacher-innovators, the flipped methodology, the design and development of a didactic FC VET unit, the importance of videos in the VET FC, educational games, digital channels.

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