Within the 4th IO, E-Classes project combines two systems: the school system with that of the job market/companies system.

The actions proposed by this Intellectual Outcome prepares students to be better able to evaluate their own competences and become acquainted with the real working world.
Beside the development of knowledges and competences on science and technological disciplines, using the flipped classes’ methodology, E-Classes project integrates the requirements and the experience of the job market as a transversal theme within the school subjects taught.

Students collaborated with companies and based on visits in companies and research/interview/observation techniques, created 12 videos (3 for each country involved in the project) in companies which focus on: how companies support youth employability, competences requested, jobs programmes, integration and motivation, equal opportunities, etc.
These videos are presented in the e-learning platform of the project, under a specific cathegory and under the slogan “I Am Welcomed, Therefore, I Belong”:

For Romania:
– Job orientation interview – AdV Foundation
– Job orientation interview – CTP Iași
– Job orientation interview – Arnia Hotel&Restaurant
– Job orientation interview – Ness Digital Engineering

For Bulgaria
– Job orientation interview – Deks Ltd.
– Job orientation interview – Bulgarian Industrial Association
– Job orientation interview – High School “Hristo Botev”

For Spain:
– Job orientation interview – Grupo Coremsa
– Job orientation interview – Data Control TEC

For Italy:
– Job orientation interview – Poggio All’Agnello Resort
– Job orientation interview – Cafe la Scala
– Job orientation interview – Hacking Labs

After creating the videos, students had the opportunity to work in the classrooom using the videos as transversal theme within the school subjects taught (“I Am Welcomed, Therefore, I Belong” E-Classes sessions).

Each country partner organised debate lessons between students and teachers using the E-Classes videos created on the practice in companies, orientation and integration aspects presented and evaluated from motivation, competences, culture differences and equal opportunities points of view.
An innovative element of the action was the fact that the E-Classes project facilitated the organisation of the debates simultaneous in different partners’ countries.
2 international online events of pairs of students and teachers groups for common debates (RO – BG and ES – IT) have been organised, offering the opportunity for target groups to interact virtually and debate on the role and necessity of students-school-companies cooperation to support the job orientation and integration. The focus of the events was to present the findings of the videos creation and interviews in companies, to share experiences, to cooperate and communicate internationally, and to grow self-confidence of the students.

“I am Welcomed, Therefore I Belong” E-Classes online session Romania-Bulgaria has been organised on 18th June 2019, between students and teachers from LTMA and Euroed (Romania) and Bana (Bulgaria).

“I am Welcomed, Therefore, I Belong” E-classes online session RO – BG debate

Questions and debates of students included information on how schools help with the career orientation, how schools prepare students to acquire soft skills, if students are involved in volunterr work, if they would choose to work in a big or small company, if such interviews with potential future managers would help young people to decide on their career, how useful is it for a young person to have a talk with the potential employer.

Second pair ES – IT online debates has been organised on 25th September 2019, between students and teachers from Cesur, CECE (Spain) and CIPAT (Italy). Questions and debates of students included What have they found interesting/surprising about this experience, if in their schools is there practice to organize an internship for students in the summer and in what companies, what specialties, what kind of university specialties are favorite for the graduates from their schools.

“I am Welcomed, Therefore, I Belong” E-classes online session ES – IT debate

The job interview videos together with short videos from the online debates between students are presented in the Moodle e-learning platform of the project, under ‘Videos on job orientation and integration students-schools-companies’ and in YouTube Channel, in Videos on career orienting playlist.