First Transnational Project Meeting has been organised in Iasi, Romania, by LTMA, between 15th and 16th February 2018. Activities took place at Technological High-School of Mechatronics and Automation, Str. Mitropolit Varlaam No.54.
The meeting was planned to make a complete introduction to the partners and to the project. Agenda included all relevant aspects from introduction of partners and understanding contexts and common grounds to introduction to the project: priorities, presentations of Intellectual Outcomes, targets, main deliverables, approaches and tools.

Agenda Iasi meeting

Presentation of BANA

Presentation of CIPAT

Presentation of EuroEd

Presentation of IT-World

Presentation of Pixel

VET education system in Romania

Evaluation of TPM1 Iasi Romania

Second transnational project meeting E-CLASSES has been organised by Cesur at Malaga, between 31th May – 1rst June 2018.

Activities took place at Cesur training center PTA (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía) and at headquarter of Cesur in city centre. Main features of the agenda included: Revising the tasks and implementation progress for IO1 – Guideline on Flipped classroom methodology; Debate on creating the 8 video tutorials corresponding to the contents in the Guide; Revision of the planned intellectual outputs, and description of activities – results – deadlines – partners roles; Dissemination activities – Valorisation of the project results; website of the project and the e-learning platform, Administrative and management issues/compulsory documents, Preparing the work packages for future stages and Schedule of Future Meetings.

Agenda Malaga meeting

Project presentation for TPM2

Evaluation of TPM2 Malaga Spain

Third transnational project meeting for E-CLASSES has been organised by BANA and IT-World in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 2-3 October 2018.

Activities on the agenda included: Revising the tasks and implementation progress for IO1 – Guideline on Flipped classroom methodology; Presentation of the final form of the Guide and the tutorials created by partner and Common debate on the possible issues, contents, form, practical aspects; Establishing the frame and format for the final presentation of the Guide + tutorials for the Open-Online Course on Flipped classes methodology for VET teachers (former IO2); Establishing details for Pilot of the online course (1 staff member will test the course functionality): YouTube Channel, e-learning platform, website; Preparation of C1 – International training for teachers/trainers (Short-term joint staff training event for VET teachers and trainers); Assign of specific tasks for each partner.

Agenda Sofia meeting


Evaluation of TPM3 Sofia, Bulgaria