Rethinking Education integrating Flipped Classes, ICT and OER – E-Classes project for VET teachers

Date 29th February 2019, Place: Maristak Ikastetxea Durango, Spain, Host partner: CECE

Number of participants: 31

At this event attended teachers from different VET schools in the Basque Country and people from HETEL – the confederation of VET schools. A special guest for the event was the Chairman of one of the VET schools in the Basque Country. Presentations of the project and of the Flipped guide have been prepared. After the event, a local newspaper wrote 2 articles about the project’s idea and the future results of the E-CLASSES project.

The most interesting topic for the participants was the way that E-CLASSES project plans to flip the classroom and the importance that we give to evaluation. Feed-back was positive, more schools are involved in making the e-classes course and produce flipped lessons as well as being constantly updated with the progresses and the results of the project.