Rethinking Education integrating Flipped Classes, ICT and OER – E-Classes project for VET teachers

Date 22th February 2019, Place: Florence, Host partner: CIPAT

Number of participants: 34

The participants were mostly teachers working in public schools. The speakers were members of
the Project’s staff and works have been introduced by Giuseppe Italiano, CIPAT’s chief, and Marco
Manzuoli, managing member of CIPAT’s staff. Four speakers followed, showing the project’s
outcomes: the online website and the guidelines, videos for IO3 with some observations on their
impact on students, one video for IO4. All the participants found the project useful for their
teaching activities and ideas/materials were shared during the final discussion and the common
lunch. Teachers asked about how to do the videos, about educational games, about the student’s
(and collegues) reactions and about online tools for teaching.
The event had a good impact on participants and it is likely that this methodology (videos & games
for students) will be introduced in some of their classes. With other members of the staff we agreed that it would be very useful to do more local meetings in schools, to explain the methodology and share the outcomes of the project and the materials we used.