Rethinking Education integrating Flipped Classes, ICT and OER – E-Classes project for VET teachers

Date 8th February 2019, Place: Sofia, Host partner: BANA

Number of participants: 37

The main aspects included in the agenda were: the goals of the project; the target groups; the Flipped classroom methodology and the Guideline; the design of a flipped video; production and post-production of a video flipped and the e-Classes platform.

The feedback from participants was very positive: 100% of the participants would like to have access to the platform and the resources; around 80% of the participants would like to be informed about the activities of the project in the future; around 40% would like to have teachers’ accounts in the platform for the purpose to upload materials and share them with their students; many participants would love to share experience and to be able to see good practices.


E-classes Online Training by IT-World EN

Presentation of Module 2 in EN

Presentation of the platform in BG