Beside the development of knowledges and competences on science and technological disciplines, using the flipped classes’ methodology, E-Classes project integrates the requirements and the experience of the job market as a transversal theme within the school subjects taught.

Students will collaborate with companies and based on visits in companies and research/interview/observation techniques, will create videos in companies with focus on: how companies support youth employability, competences requested, jobs programmes, integration and motivation, equal opportunities, etc.
This approach ensures that all pupils establish direct contact with the real job market on their own during their compulsory schooling, and thereby also forge a link between the job market and their formal training. These jointly developed teaching materials combined with an innovative learning approach serve to facilitate gaining a realistic insight into what the job market looks like within the vicinity of the participating schools.
The slogan of the videos on job orientation and integration students-schools-companies cooperation will be “I Am Welcomed, Therefore, I Belong”