The dissemination strategy is based on developing demonstrators to provide important additional momentum when the project outputs enter regular exploitation in the partner institutions.

These activities included so far the initial dissemination of the project and dissemination of the first results of the project (IO1 and IO2), after the first year.

Activities include a wide range of activities: showcases at educational institutions, meetings with relevant stakeholders: managers, teachers, students, representatives of public bodies, public events, promotion of the project in conferences and other educational events, presentation of the project in international meetings on other educational European networks, local workshops and educational fairs.

  • Dissemination activities with managers, teachers and public bodies in all partner organisations
  • Local workshops with VET teachers in all partner organisations
  • International meetings with other educational networks, trainings and seminars on educational issues across European Union with participation of all partner organisations
  • Dissemination with students in all partner organisations